Winter Heat
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Winter Heat

This was a special primetime Days episode. It was aired on Friday, February 4, 1994 and was called "Winter Heat"

Billie woke up on the beach not realising where she is or how she got there. Bo (Robert Kelker-Kelly) told her that during the night the boat drifted and they were washed up on this island

Since it was very hot, they had to change their clothes. Bo found a box with some sheets so they used it as new clothes. They've spent the whole day on the beach forgetting all about what's been going on in Salem with Billie's trial

Bo told Billie about this friend he had in highschool, who was a fan of "Giligan's Island" and that he used to categorize every woman as a Ginger or Marian. He went for the Marian kind of girl. She had to be simple and sweet. Billie said she always liked Ginger. She thought she was so glamorouse like a movie star and then Bo added that she had dangerouse sexuality. Later he told Billie she's definatelly a Ginger

Bo offered to go into the water for a swim, but Billie didn't want to so he called her a chicken. order to proove him wrong she had to go inside

Bo gave Billie a shell

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Billie had dreamed the whole thing but she seemed to think the shell had something to do with Curtis' murder, which was true in the end