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The hills are alive by the sounds of Lisa...

Other than a beautiful and talented actress, Lisa Rinna was blessed with an amazing voice. During her "Days" years she sang on-screen a few times. Among the sound files in this page you'll find a few singing parts Lisa did while acting on "Days of our Lives"

Sung by Billie at Round Midnight in L.A. when she and Bo were looking for Curtis--8/24/93
click here for the midi and lyrics

Bo&Billie--During Christmas 1993 Bo&Billie got locked inside Baron's Department store. They had no way out and had to keep themselves entertained until the next morning. They found a kareaoki machine and since it was Chirstmas and they were two, they sang a duet: "Winter Wonderland"

Sung by Billie at the Cheatin' Heart after Gina/Hope returned and Bo was trying to choose between them--10/24/94
click here for the midi and lyrics

I Love You

Bo&Billie--Billie was always unsecured of Bo's love to her. On this special night Bo confessed to Billie about how he really feels about her


Bo&Billie--When Billie was a teen she dropped out of school because she was ashamed of what her father did to her. Now at her mid 20's Bo convinced her to go back to highschool. During the Maison Blanche storyline he planned a romantic night for the 2 of them and he gave her the highschool dimploma she earned by herself