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Melrose Place
(As Taylor McBride)

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Lisa joined MP's cast in 1996 (season 5) as Victoria Taylor Davis McBride, Kyle's (Rob Estes) wife. It didn't take too long to figure out that she's hiding something and that the secret was something to do with Peter. During the season Taylor's "little" secret was revealed. She was Beth's (Peter's ex-wife) little sister, who had a crush on Peter ever since she met him...and now that Beth was dead, the room for her was cleared. Taylor got her wish in season 6 and moved in with Peter. But their relationship didn't last for long. After Peter found out all about Taylor&Michael's scheme to make him think he's sick, he ditched Taylor in the altar. Taylor's life weren't that good in season5 and 6, but season 7 did good with her. Taylor gave birth to her first son, Michael Junior. That's also when Lisa left the show...Taylor took off with baby Michael and left L.A.