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Maison Blanche

Kristen&Tony, Jennifer&Peter and Bo&Billie went for a trip to New Orleans to one of Stefano's old mansions, Maison Blanche. Kristen was helping to organazine a special cotillion in Maison Blanche and offered Bo to ask Billie to marry him in New Orleans

When they got there it was pretty stormy outside and there were a lot of lightning out there, so the atmosphere at the house was kind of spooky. Billie started making up a horor story and then Bo tried to scare her and the girls started screaming. Later Kristen (Eileen Davisdon, from the left) took Billie and Jen to a tour around the house and they met Celecte, who was working there

There wasn't enough space for all of the 3 couples, so Billie and Bo (Robert Kelker-Kelly) went to sleep in the nearest hotel. They were talking about all of the things they've been through since LA

She told him how different he is from all the men she used to know in her past and that all of them looked at her like they wanted her and not because they loved her. Bo told her he wanted her too, very bad...but only because he loves her so much

During their visit in Maison Blanche, Billie saw a woman who looked like Bo's late wife, Hope Brady. Nobody believed it was really Hope, but Billie was sure she saw her. At the cottilion Billie noticed her once again and she called everybody...but when everybody got there, the mystery woman had disappeared

Not long after the cottilion began, the storm came back and rain was everywhere. Everybody went inside, but Billie didn't let the rain get in her way. She told Kristen to give Bo a letter from her that said that she's waiting outside. He took un ambrella and went outside. Billie told him that she's not willing to let anything ruin this night for her. Bo dropped his umbrella and joined Billie under hers and they kissed

As the storm got stronger, people headed to the nearest cabin. Bo told Billie she should go rest for a while, but she said it wouldn't be right to rest right now. She said she feels bad that Kristen is helping everybody while she wasn't doing anything special. Bo told her it's not true, he said "Everything that Billie Reed does is special"

While the guys went out to get some woods to keep the cabin warm, Billie noticed somebody outside. As always she wanted to help so she went outside to see if this person needed help. And again it was the mystery woman. Billie told her she looks like somebody that she knows and then asked her what's her name. The mystery woman got scared and took off. Billie ran after her, but she tripped over the fence, hit her head on a stone and blacked out

Bo found her and took her back to the cabin. When she came to, she was trying to remember what happened to her before she blacked out

She hit her head pretty hard, so Bo took her to the bed. She then remembered that she saw the woman who looks like Hope and she told Bo about it. Bo told her it's not possible because Hope is dead

Later that night Kristen told them that Stefano was alive. They were just as shocked as everybody else were