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The L.A. Storyline

Billie witnessed a shooting in the parking lot of Salem Place. She later found out that the shooter was her father, Curtis. Curtis stayed in Billie's basement for a while and then left to L.A. Bo got a lead that the shooter left to L.A. and went there to find him. Billie kept the sectet about her father to herself. She arranged to team up with Bo, supposedly to help him, but actually she was trying to protect her father. She heard Bo in the airport and heard where he's planning to stay so she convinced the maid of the hotel to let her in to Bo's penthouse. When she saw the tub, she couldn't help herself and she went in. She later fell asleep and got Bo into deep trouble

While she was in the tub, Bo (Robert Kelker-Kelly) was talking to some guys from the mob. He wanted them to give him the name of the shooter, but when they saw Billie they wanted an explenation. Bo told them she's his lucky charm and that wherever he goes, she goes. When they left he was so mad at her because she could have gotten them both killed

The maid took Billie's clothes while she was in the tub, so Bo had to order her some clothes from the store downstairs. Bo was working undercover in order to catch the parking lot shooter so he was pretending to be a mobster. Billie convinced him that a mobster's girlfriend can't look bad so he ordered her a hot red dress. He then told her she'll have to sleep in his room because he didn't want to blow up his cover. Billie liked the idea because she was in love with him

Although the red dress was hot...Billie didn't have any other clothes with her so they had to go shopping. She tried several dresses and modelled them to Bo

At their shopping trip they stopped at the Hollywood Stars sidewalk and took pictures with their video camera. Billie was standing on Merilyn Monroe's star