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Halloween 1993

On October 1993 the Salemites were having a fair. It was called The Salem Fair. Maggie asked for Billie's help in one of the boothes...but she didn't tell her which one. So she told her to close her eyes while she was putting some makeup on her face. When Billie opened her eyes it turned out that Maggie turned her into a witch

Billie was at the kissing booth. Kids payed one dollar to get a kiss from her. Bo (Robert Kelker-Kelly) gave her 20 dollars so they had to kiss 20 times...

Austin (Patrick Muldoon) came to Billie with his video camera: "Ohhh...It's the wicked witch from the west"
Billie: Stop It!
Austin: Billie, what's wrong? Did you drink too much of witch potion?
Billie: NO, just love potion
Austin: What?
Billie: He kissed me, Bo kissed me
Austin: Bo kissed you...looking like that?!?!?
Billie: I don't care how I look, I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world

Mickey also needed Billie's help...this time in the singing booth. What she didn't know is that people are going to pay in order to throw food at her while she'll sing...that was the meaning of this booth. So she started singing and people threw pies on her and she was kind of imbraced because Bo was there. In real life Lisa really liked doing these kind of scenes. "funniest scenes...any scene where I get pies and other food thrown at me like I had at the country fair scenes not long ago. I was in a raincoat in heat over one hundred degrees". (taken from 'Days of our Lives - The Complete Family Album')

At Bo's halloween birthday party, Shawn-D and Carrie had arranged for Billie to be Juliet and for Bo to be romeo

It was like a dream coming true to Billie

Billie confessed to Bo about her feelings for him. They later made a wish to a falling star