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The Melrose Place Gallery

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Season 5--Top row (from left to right): Jamie Luner (Lexi), Jack Wagner (Peter), Lisa Rinna (Taylor), Thomas Calabro (Michael), Linden Ashby (Coop). Middle row: Andrew Shue (Billy), Rob Estes (Kyle), David Charvet (Craig), Kelly Rutherford (Megan). Bottom row: Brook Langton (Samantha) and Alyssa Milano (Jennifer)

Season 5--Top row (from right to left): Andrew Shue, Brook Langton, Linden Ashby, Kelly Rutherford, Alyssa Milano, David Charvet. Bottom row: Jack Wagner, Jamie Luner, Rob Estes, Lisa Rinna and Thomas Calabro

Season 5--Top row (from left to right): Jamie Luner, Jack Wagner, Lisa Rinna, Thomas Calabro, Linden Ashby. Middle row: Andrew Shue, Brook Langton, Heather Locklear, Rob Estes, David Charvet, Kelly Rutherford. Bottom row: Alyssa Milano

On The Set--Lisa Rinna on the set of Melrose Place reading her lines