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Just The Facts...

  • Full name: Lisa Deann Rinna

  • Birth date: July 11, 1965

  • Birth place: Medford, Oregon, USA

  • Spouse: Harry Hamlin (got married on 3/29/97)

  • Children: One Daughter, Delilah Bell Hamlin (born on 6/10/98)

  • Lisa is left-handed

  • Graduated from Medford Senior High School in 1981

  • Attended Hoover Elementary, Medford, Oregon

  • Attended Hedrick Junior High School, Medford, Oregon

  • Attended Medford Mid-High School, Medford Oregon

  • Childhood activities included being a member of the Brownies

  • Cheerleading from Junior High through High School

  • Known in high school for skinniest legs on the cheerleading squad

  • Known sports included tennis and snow skiing

  • Was in a TV commercial for Taco Bell

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