Bo&Billie's Wedding
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Bo&Billie's Wedding(s)

A day before the wedding - Billie and Gina (Kristian Alfonso) are shocked by the fact that Kristen brought Zach Marsel to their apartment to design both Billie's dress and the maid of honor dresses

Billie's mother, Kate (Deborah Adair), came over to break Billie some good news. She and Victor had gotten the wrong decorations for their own wedding so they've decided to give it to Billie&Bo and also offered to have their reception at The Penthouse Grill. Billie gave her mom a warm hug and thanked her

The wedding day - Billie went to church a few hours before the wedding. She wanted to thank God for giving her this day and for all of the good things in her life

The wedding...correction...the 1st wedding (you'll see what I mean if you'll keep reading this page). Austin (Patrick Muldoon) had mixed emotions about giving her away. It's always been him and her against the world and he felt that aftet tonight she won't be needing him anymore. Billie calmed him down and told him she'll always need her big brother

As the priest started talking, the chandelier fell and almost killed Billie. Bo pushed her away and saved her life. It was another work of the "desecrator" as part of Marlena's possesion storyline. Billie was upset and said that she feels like if she won't marry Bo tonight, they'll never get married. After the church had been checked, Bo&Billie got permition to keep going with their wedding. So now it's wedding number 2! The problem was that this wedding was also stopped, this time by Alice Horton who claimed that Bo&Billie can't get married since Gina is Hope, Bo's wife. The priest heard both sides and decided he can't marry Bo&Billie, who were devestated with his decision. But this story has a happy ending - wedding number 3! Gina singed papers that said she's not Hope and Bo&Billie were finally able to get married

The wedding day - Bo wanted to give Billie a present before the wedding, but she sticked with the tradition that the groom is not allowed to see the bride before the wedding, so he left the present by the door and was standing in the hall while Billie went out to take it. Inside the box was a barometer. Billie didn't understand why would Bo bring this kind of thing to her so he explained: "If the barometer falls it's gonna' be bad whether. If the barometer rises it's gonna' be a perfect day, and as you can see it's rising so we're gonna' have blue skies and clear sailing. And that's not just for today, it's for the rest of our lives". Is he romantic or what?!

After the wedding...Billie asked her new son, Shawn-Douglas (Scott Groff) to dance

The wedding cake. Bo (Robert Kelker-Kelly) fed Billie with some wedding cake cream

The Wedding Vows
I, Bo, take you Billie to be my wife to have and to hold Forever. They say that love is the light that lights the world and that kindness paves the road to happiness. You and i have traveled kind of a long and winding road you know, (they both say yeah). On a snowy mountain side we pledged our love and our faith and our fidelity to each other. We felt God's presence that night just like we feel God's presence tonight in this rebuilt church. I promise to love and to honor and to cherish you all the rest of the Days of our lives.
I, Billie, take you Bo to be my husband to have and to hold Forever. The road that we traveled has had some darkeness and some despair but our faith and our love and our faith that we were meant to be together lighted our way. I will not only be a wife to you but I will be your friend and i will be your soul mate. I'll share your sadness and your sorrows as well as you happiness. I promise to love, honor, and cherish you for all the Days of our lives.