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Billie's Goodbye

Billie came to Kristen very upset. She came back from Smith Island after seeing Bo, Hope and Shawn-D having a family picnic and having a great time. Kristen noticed how down Billie was, so she invited Jennifer to her place. As they were talking about the future and how their children will grow up together, Billie started crying because she was afraid she won't get to be with Bo in the future. It was also Lisa's last scene with Melissa Reeves (Jen) and Eileen Davidson (Kristen) so you could really tell they were sad as they all cried...

Shawn-D (Collin O'Donnell) told Billie goodbye, not knowing that Billie overheard his prayer to have his mom and dad back together. Shawn-D was going to spend the night at his friend Joey's house. He thought Billie just wanted a hug

Billie left Bo (Peter Reckell) a letter and then headed to the airport. It was too hard for her to face him and say goodbye. But Bo found her letter and managed to get to her just before she had to go on the plane

He couldn't let go off her. He wanted to pick her up and take her back home with him. But Billie was determind with her decision. She wanted to give him the space he needed in order to figure out all of his mixed feelings to Hope. Before she left, Billie made him promise her that he'll think about her for a moment everyday. Bo told her he loves her and then Billie replied "If you love me, you'll let me go"

In the background you can hear Bette Midler's "In This Life", which was played when Bo, who realized he has no other choice, let go of Billie's arm

This was the saddest scene I have ever seen in my life. I cried my eyes out for half an hour after this episode!

This was Lisa's last scene. Billie was on the plane, still crying. Her last words were "Go to her, Bo. Go to Hope. See if your happiness lies with her. My God, I hope your happines would be with me"