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Behind The Scenes

The Behind the scenes show was aired on 1992. Scott Baio hosted the show and gave the viewers a look on what's going on behind the scenes of Days of our Lives

Austin (Patrick Muldoon) had been bit up. Christie Clark, who played Carrie at the time, was supposed to ask if he's dead. The problem was that Patrick started laughing so Robert Kelker-Kelly (Bo) answered "No, he's not dead, he's laughing, he's in shock" and then Christie and Robert forgot their lines for the rest of the scene so the three of them and Lisa started laughing and Robert joked with them and said "I can't work with these children" so Lisa snapped him on his shoulder

Lisa talked about her first days on Days: "It was so frightning because I had gotten the job on a monday and I had to start work on a Wednesday. I just remember being you in a Days, I flipped out! And I got through it and everybody were really supportive and I connected really well with Patrick who plays my brother so it was like god, it was really hard. I remember going to my dressing room in one point and I burst into tears going 'what am I doing'"

She also talked about her fan mail: "A lot of it says 'I'd love to see you with Bo', and then there are some that say 'don't you dare get near Bo, he belongs with Carly', so I go ohhh....ok, that makes me a little rebeliouse and I go ohh...I will go after him. Anything you can't have you want more...isn't that the yeah, I think it's going happen, I always say that" (she reffered to Bo&Billie's relationship)