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The Soap Opera Digest Awards

Lisa Rinna and Robert Kelker-Kelly won as Hottest Soap Couple on the SOD awards in 1994. The other nominees in this category were Maurice Bernard and Vanessa Marcil (Sonny&Brenda, GH) and Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang (Ridge&Brook, B&B)

Rkk: Lisa before we do this, maybe you wanna..... (handing her a breath spray)
Lisa: (laughing) We do this all the time before we work, it's kind of a ritual...1st of all I'l like to thank the fans. Without you we wouldn't be up here, this wouldn't work and thank you Soap Opera Digest. I have to thank Robert Kelker-Kelly because if it weren't for him I wouldn't be up here right now and he's one of the best actors I have ever worked with in my entire life.'s so cool to get to work with someone that you can have real moments with, you know...that really really touch you and he touched me and I thank him.
Rkk: She's kidding
Lisa: (looking at harry who was sitting in the audience) Harry, it's ok

Lisa: I want to thank my mom and dad because they are so amazing, I'm so lucky. And also to Fred (that's her nickname for Harry) who I adore and who puts up with me through all the craziness and all the stuff and I love you. And this is (the award) actually for Mila Davidova who is a girl I met through the make a wish foundation so I accept it for her
Rkk: I'd like to thank Lisa of course. Lisa tought me the rules of spontinaty. I'd also like to thank my costume guy cause hey.....